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Article in the Burlington Free Press!

Check it out!

            In Joe Buley’s soup pot, the value is added

Last Wednesday (the 15th), we had the pleasure of showing Glenn Russell (photographer) and Sally Pollack (journalist) around the farm and the kitchen. There’s a wonderful article in the Burlington Free Press that came out this morning. One of our favorite parts: “I think that Joe is a riot,”  Hays said. “He’s so exuberant and passionate about what he does. He’s so amped about every part of it. It’s a really remarkable story.”

            Oh yeah!

            Keep an eye out for our newest soup: Minted Sugar Snap. It should be hitting the shelves at the Hunger Mountain Coop and Middlebury Natural Foods on Tuesday, next week!

            Happy Friday, everyone!
Joe & Olivia



Farm Update

Happy Monday, Everyone! 

As we head into the summer, we thought it was about time that we updated everyone on what’s happening at the farm! Last year around this time, we were just starting the build-out of our new facility, and as things got more and more hectic around here, the farm unfortunately had to be moved to a back burner for the season. This year, we’re happy to say that we’re going to be able to focus on both the soups/sauces we’re making, AND the ingredients for them that we grow on the farm.

As I’m sure you all know, asparagus season is here!! We’ve started to harvest ours, and we’ll be making our seasonal Asparagus Soup—a creamy, light soup that’s perfect for spring (or anyone who loves asparagus). It’s one of our personal favorites—keep an eye out for it on the shelves!! We also just made our first batch of Gazpacho for the year—if you’re up in Burlington, stop by the Waterman Café to grab a bowl!


As far as all the other things we’re growing, we seeded all of our veggies a little while ago now, and things are just about ready to get transplanted into the greenhouses! Our canning tomatoes are going to be the first to get transplanted—already about a foot and a half high, they’re starting to flower (tomatoes should be here before we know it!). We’ve also got a lot of peppers planted—both sweet and spicy. They’re about a foot tall right now, and will be getting transplanted into the greenhouse soon after the tomatoes. Zucchini, broccoli, and tomatillos will be in the fields outside. We can't wait until veggies are ready for harvest! It shouldn't be long.

Hopefully you're able to get outside in the sunshine for a bit today! 

We'll be in touch! 

-Joe & Olivia


Taste of Vermont

            Hi everyone!

            We’re excited to say that we’ll be attending the 11th annual Taste of Vermont—a celebration of all things Vermont that takes place in the Kennedy Caucus Room on Capitol Hill, (Washington, DC). This is going to be our 5th year attending the event, and every year it’s more fun. VT has an incredible culture (and reputation), and it’s awesome to see so many small businesses making unique, delicious things.

            Senator Leahy has hosted the Taste of Vermont since it began in 2005. Each year, more and more people attend the event: both to sample/see the variety of VT drinks and foods, as well as to showcase their products. It actually has sold out completely every year that we’ve attended. Needless to say, we’re pretty excited!!

            What are we bringing this year? Chermoulah Chicken salad (Misty Knolls chicken, our new Chermoulah), with watercress (from Green Mountain Harvest), wrapped in bib lettuce (grown by us). 


Who Knew? "Souping" is the New Thing!

Finally, a diet we can get behind

Apparently, people are now eating only soup for a day--a "soup cleanse", because it's "an excellent way to hit the reset button on your body, especially after a period of overeating or imbibing. You can recalibrate your digestion and get back on track, without sacrificing food."

We stumbled across this article on PopSugar today, and thought it was pretty interesting. Not that we would probably participate in a "soup cleanse", but it's cool to find out we were a little bit ahead of the curve on this health trend! Apparently, it's a great way to lose weight because you're "decreas[ing] calories while maintaining (if not increasing) satiety (full feeling)." 

Who knew?! We're thinking it's just another reason to eat soup year round. ;)

If you want to read the full article, just click here

As always, stay in touch!

Have a wonderful weekend!

-Joe & Olivia


Matchmaker Event

Hi All! 

            If you’re going to be in the Burlington area this Friday, April 29th (tomorrow), stop by the Hilton and check out our table at the VT Fresh Network’s annual matchmaker event! We’ll be there from 1-5 in the afternoon, serving up samples of ALL of our products.

            We’ll have three different hot soups for everyone to taste: our Chicken Ginger, Split Pea & Ham, and Broccoli Cheddar. We’re also bringing all of our sauces! We’ll have our Maple Chipotle BBQ sauce, Chimichurri, Chermoulah (our newest product!), Hummus (made with organic chickpeas and olive oil—another new product!), and our classic Basil Pesto. We’ll also have retail/bulk packages of our products out, so you can see what our packaging looks like—beans, bone broths, soups, and sauces.

            We’re excited to be able to reach out to more people in the area, and share our products! It should be a fun event—we look forward to seeing you there! 

As always, stay in touch!! 

-Joe & Olivia