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Sauces, Spreads, and Dips!

As the soup season starts winding down, we're able to focus more on our other products. We've developed a really tasty Tomatillo Verde Sauce, as well as a Soffrito--a mixture of tomatoes, garlic, peppers, and fresh herbs that can be used as a base (or just as a sauce!) for many dishes. It originated in Italy, but is used all around the world for cooking. 

Today, we're going to be at Healthy Living in Burlington from 3-6 today to have a sampling of our products! We'll be bringing our new Tomatillo Verde sauce, Maple Chipotle BBQ sauce, Maple Vinaigrette (if you ever saw us at the Farmer's Market, this was one of the most popular things we brought!), Chimichurri, and our Enchilada sauce. In addition to all of those tasty sauces, we'll be bringing our VERY limited edition Asparagus Soup! This is one of our products that's only available for a few weeks out of the year--we only use Asparagus that comes from our farm in this soup, and as a result it's only available when we're harvesting it. 

Creamy, but not too rich, our Asparagus soup is one of our favorite products. It's a delicious way to welcome in the new season--well worth the wait between batches. If you're in the Burlington area from 3-6 this afternoon, please stop by Healthy Living!! We'd love to see you, as well as for as many people as possible to taste our food!

As always, keep in touch! We'd love to hear any questions or comments you have.

Have a wonderful weekend! 

Olivia & Joe



Spring's First Harvest!

As things are gearing up on the farm (yay! Sunshine!), our new facility’s build-out is moving along very quickly.

The drywall has all been put up, concrete has been cut and poured, and we’re on the way to getting our electricity and water hooked up. Although we’ve said it already, we have to say it again: thank you to the Working Lands Enterprise Fund for helping us make this dream a reality!! We wouldn’t be able to do this without the help you’ve given us. Hopefully by the end of August, we’ll be moving into the new facility.

Around the farm, things are really starting to grow! We’ve already gotten 3 or 4 harvests out of our asparagus, and the seedlings in the greenhouses are growing quickly. Our tomato plants in the greenhouses are already almost a foot tall, and we’ve gotten all of our cilantro, basil, chives, oregano, thyme, and garlic planted. The garlic is looking great, too! It’s about a foot tall as well.

This week, we’re going to start seeding zucchini, Napa cabbage, and kale. These will all go out into the fields, but this year we aren’t going to fill all of our outdoor fields; we’re going to let about half of them rest and rejuvenate under some cover crops. We’re going to be so busy with the build out of our new facility, it’s a perfect year to let our soil have a bit of a break.

 Stay posted for more pictures and updates—we’ll be releasing some new products for the summer soon!

As always, please be in touch with any questions and/or comments. We love hearing from you!!

Happy Friday, and have a wonderful weekend,

Olivia & Joe



Taste of Vermont

We’re off to D.C. today for the 10th annual Taste of Vermont! The Taste of Vermont reception is a celebration of all things made in Vermont. Senator Leahy distributes a limited number of tickets to this event—we hear that it’s one of the most coveted invitations of all the food-related events on Capital Hill.

Not only is it a wonderful opportunity to spread awareness of the multitude of Vermont-based food and drink businesses, but also it’s a time when small businesses can showcase their products to new potential customers.

         From 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. this evening, we’ll have a table set up in the Kennedy Caucus Room of the Russell Senate Office Building (on Capital Hill!). We’re excited to announce that this year, we’ll be partnering with Lawson’s Finest Liquids and Artisan Meats of Vermont at our table. We’ll be serving beer and chorizo tacos (with Artisan Meats’ chorizo, Lawson’s beer, and our own BBQ sauce).  There will be tons of other wonderful VT-based businesses at the event showcasing their products—celebrating Vermont’s unique (and diverse) local economy!

          If you’re planning to attend the event, please stop by our table! We’d love to see you.

Pictures coming soon!

Have a great day,

Joe, Lori & Olivia



Soup Dinner Ideas

It’s hard to believe we’re more than halfway through April—especially when it was snowing just last night! We've been very busy, running around to meet with architects and contractors; the new facility is coming together, slowly but surely! We've started renovations: removing a few walls, cutting windows, and improving insulation. 

Luckily for us, this cold weather means that soup season is lasting a little longer than normal. :) However, we make soup all summer long! And it’s an easy, delicious way to get many of your nutrients in one fast meal. Here are some of our favorite additions to our soups, to help make them into complete meals.


Lentil Vegetable:

I sometimes add a little cumin and paprika to this one, to spice it up a little bit. Another really tasty addition to this soup is some Cheddar cheese—I know, we eat cheese on a lot of our soups ;). But that’s because it’s delicious! It also completes the protein that the lentils bring to the dish, giving you all of the amino acids necessary for muscle growth/maintenance. AKA: adding cheese or any other dairy (like sour cream) completes the protein that you get from the lentils.


VT Dal:

Yum! This creamy, tomato-y soup is full of nutrients. Because there are lentils in it, it’s more than halfway to being a complete protein. Oftentimes, we’ll heat up the Dal while cooking a pot of brown rice—then, when everything’s finished and hot, pour some of the Dal over top of the rice (be sure to put salt on the rice before!), and sprinkle a little cayenne pepper, to add back some of the heat that the rice will soak up. Another tasty addition to this soup: more veggies! Sometimes we’ll sauté green beans, soybeans, or peas, and sprinkle those on top. The result is a complete and satisfying meal—not to mention a healthy one! :)


Beef & Black Bean Chili:

            This is certainly not one of our lighter soups—though, fun fact; it is one of our most locally based soups. Everything except the cumin, salt, pepper, and lemon juice are from our very own state! This soup tastes great by itself, but if you’re looking to get a little fancier with it, there are several things you could add: we’ll often put a thick layer of lightly crunched-up tortilla chips at the bottom of the bowl, to add a little crunch to the soup. Another thing we often add to this soup is a little bit of Cheddar cheese, or sour cream (or both).

(action shot of the chili being made)

As always, we would love to hear your own suggestions/spins on our soups. We're always looking for feedback, and love to hear new ideas! 

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!  

Olivia & Joe


Olivia:, 802.461.7487

Joe:, 802.461.5371



Coming Soon: NEW Processing Facility!!!

Well, it’s official!

We didn’t want to reveal anything before we were 100% sure it was happening, but now we are; we’re going to build a new facility to process our vegetables and soup! We were lucky enough to qualify for (and receive!) a Working Lands Grant around this time last year. Slowly but surely, we’ve been getting all the pieces together.

We were lucky enough to be able to get two free ovens, courtesy of University of Vermont Medical Center, and thanks to a loan from the Vermont Economic Development Authority: we purchased a second steam kettle—which will be coming with us to the new facility.

Not only is it a HUGE deal for us to be able to move into our own facility, but we also hope to be able to provide a space in Montpelier for other local food producers to utilize. Things are starting to happen faster, now that we’ve signed the lease.  We’ll keep you all posted! Lots of exciting updates on their way.