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New Soups!

Happy New Year, everyone!

It’s been an exciting few weeks for us! The weather has cooled down, and soup season is finally upon us. We’re excited to share with you the arrival of not one, but FOUR new soups!!

They’ll be available at a bunch of locations around the state: Middlebury Natural Foods Coop, Hunger Mountain Coop, Upper Valley Coop, on UVM campus, and at Healthy Living in Burlington. Stay tuned for more locations soon!

You’re probably wondering what the four new soups are. The first one to hit the shelves was our second Chicken soup—Chicken & Stars. A delicious twist on a classic chicken noodle soup, the Chicken & Stars is the perfect way to warm up on a freezing winter day.

(Chicken & Stars Soup)

We came out with a new vegan soup, as well: Four Bean. The Four Bean soup contains lentils, chickpeas, pinto beans, and kidney beans. It’s hearty and delicious—full of roast tomatoes and fresh herbs. This soup is nice and filling—you don’t need to pair it with anything to fill yourself up. However, if you’re ravenous—or just trying to have a smaller bowl of soup—it’s delicious with a grilled cheese, or served over a bed of rice.


(Four Bean Soup)

The last two new soups we’ve released are a Portuguese Style Stew, made with VT Chorizo sausage and fresh clams, and a Loaded Baked Potato soup. Both are spins on classic soups—the Portuguese Style Stew is a rich and healthy stew, with a touch of Saffron. And the Loaded Baked Potato has all of the best parts of a baked potato: the toppings! It’s full of VT Cheddar cheese, VT sour cream, fresh scallions, and (of course) VT nitrate-free bacon. This soup is made almost entirely from ingredients produced in the state, which is something we strive for.

(Cheese going into the Loaded Baked Potato Soup)


We’re excited to be releasing these new flavors of soup, and we hope you are too! As always, we love to hear feedback on our products—let us know if you’ve tried our new soups, and tell us what you think!

Have a wonderful day!


Joe & Olivia


Happy New Years!

            Wow, 2015 was a (wonderful) whirlwind for us. We were able to not only build a new processing facility for our products, but we were able to come out with new soups, sauces, and customers! We’re excited to be able to share new products with our loyal customers, and reach out to new customers through our new outlets!

            Thanks to Farmer’s to You and Harlow’s VT Farm stand, we’ve been able to reach customers as far away as Boston, MA. Through Farmigo, a CSA business based in NYC, and Flatbush Coop (in Brooklyn), we’ve been able to reach customers in New York City. Last but not least, through Sodexo and UVM’s “Real Food Challenge,” we’ve been able to get into the Burlington market!

            Some of the most popular products that we’ve recently released are our bone broths. Don’t worry—we make a delicious vegan one, as well! Made by slowly roasting and then simmering chicken and beef bones, respectively, bone broths contain collagen, calcium, lucosamine, omega-3 fatty acids, and more vitamins and minerals essential to our well being. So not only are they delicious and rich, but they’re really good for you! Look for them and the Hunger Mountain Coop and the Middlebury Coop.

            This week, we’ll be going to the VT Farm Show in Essex, on Wednesday (the 27th) from 4-7 in the afternoon. The farm show is a celebration of all VT products, and we will be sampling both of our Chili’s that we make—Beef & Black Bean, and Vegan (made with VT Rhapsody Tempeh). If you happen to be in the area, or were already planning to attend the market, please stop by our stand! We look forward to seeing you.

            Happy Monday, everyone!!

-Joe & Olivia 


March on the Farm

            Hey Everyone,

Wow! I can’t believe it’s already March. This year is flying by. Soon the snow will be melted, and we can all go outside without piling on five extra layers of clothes (even though the weather today makes that hard to believe).

(our greenhouse, with the last of the winter spinach)

            What does that mean for us? Seedlings, that’s what! We’ve got big plans for the farm this year, and now that we only have the farm and our soup business to focus on, we can give a lot more attention to our vegetables, as well as churn out a few new products! We’ll be starting all of our peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, and tomatillos—as well as a few other vegetables I might’ve missed.

            The tomatoes we grow are stored in the freezer for the winter, ready to be thawed out and cooked into soups and sauces. On top of growing tomatoes for all of our roast tomato products (we use canning tomatoes for this, as they have the sturdy structure required), we’ll be growing some new varieties of slicing tomatoes, as well!

            In addition to growing the ingredients we have been for our soups, this year we’re trying to grow all our own peppers, as well! This means Anaheim chilies (for roasting), jalapenos, as well as LOTS of sweet bell peppers. We’re planning to use the jalapenos to make our own chipotle this year (by smoking and drying them), as well as fresh in some of our soups and sauces that have a little bit of a kick.

(ugh, yum--who else can't WAIT for gazpacho??)

            With all of the bell peppers that we grow, we’re hoping to develop a recipe for our own Chioppino—a roasted red pepper seafood stew. We’ll have our own garlic, onions, tomatoes, peppers, as well as herbs to use in the stew, which should give it our signature super-fresh taste.

            We’ve certainly got our work cut out for us, but we can’t wait to get back out into the gardens. As always, please stay in touch! We appreciate any and all feedback that we can get.

            Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! And happy Friday!

-Olivia & Joe


New Labels Coming!

Hello Everyone!

We've been crazy busy these past few weeks! Hopefully all of you are having a wonderful holiday season...maybe even with a little hot soup by the fire. :) 

While Joe has been in the kitchen (and the office!) working on new soup recipes, Olivia (his daughter) and Lori (his wife/Olivia's mother) have been creating new labels. We're pretty excited about it!! Though we haven't changed our soup formulations, we've added a LOT to the labels. They're now going to have more information about where the veggies in our soup come from, as well as nutrition information, and a little bit about us. 

Happy New Years, everyone!!