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Farm Update

Happy Monday, Everyone! 

As we head into the summer, we thought it was about time that we updated everyone on what’s happening at the farm! Last year around this time, we were just starting the build-out of our new facility, and as things got more and more hectic around here, the farm unfortunately had to be moved to a back burner for the season. This year, we’re happy to say that we’re going to be able to focus on both the soups/sauces we’re making, AND the ingredients for them that we grow on the farm.

As I’m sure you all know, asparagus season is here!! We’ve started to harvest ours, and we’ll be making our seasonal Asparagus Soup—a creamy, light soup that’s perfect for spring (or anyone who loves asparagus). It’s one of our personal favorites—keep an eye out for it on the shelves!! We also just made our first batch of Gazpacho for the year—if you’re up in Burlington, stop by the Waterman Café to grab a bowl!


As far as all the other things we’re growing, we seeded all of our veggies a little while ago now, and things are just about ready to get transplanted into the greenhouses! Our canning tomatoes are going to be the first to get transplanted—already about a foot and a half high, they’re starting to flower (tomatoes should be here before we know it!). We’ve also got a lot of peppers planted—both sweet and spicy. They’re about a foot tall right now, and will be getting transplanted into the greenhouse soon after the tomatoes. Zucchini, broccoli, and tomatillos will be in the fields outside. We can't wait until veggies are ready for harvest! It shouldn't be long.

Hopefully you're able to get outside in the sunshine for a bit today! 

We'll be in touch! 

-Joe & Olivia


Farm Update

Things are really getting busy around here! We’ve gotten almost everything planted by now—broccoli, peppers, tomatoes, squash, herbs, garlic, and more! Now we just have to wait a little bit longer until we can eat fresh veggies straight from our gardens!

Peppers, chilis, and canning tomatoes!

            With all of the wonderful produce we can get our hands on now that it’s summer, we’re rolling out some of our favorite (and most popular) products. Our basil pesto goes into production this week, and our chimichurri and soffrito sauces will be on the shelves at Hunger Mountain Coop! We’ve already started making gazpacho (yum), and soon we’ll be making our chilled cucumber dill soup, as well as our summer minestrone (one of my personal favorites).

(tiny tomatoes! Can't wait to watch them ripen--and to eat them, of course)

            Speaking of soups and sauces, the new facility is coming along quickly! We’ve gotten all the floor drains and sprinklers set up, and if all goes as planned, the hood vents, cooler, and freezer are going to be installed by this time next week. Wohoo! We really can’t wait to be able to move into our own facility, and we plan to do so before the winter starts. As some of the big, initial projects get finished (like pouring the concrete for our floor), things are really picking up speed.

(the wall where our stoves, kettles, and ovens will be!!)

            We’ll try our best to keep you updated as things progress! And, as always, please stay in touch! We love any and all feedback that we receive.


Have a wonderful weekend (get out there and soak up some of this lovely sunshine)!

Olivia & Joe


August 14th CSA Share 

Hello Everyone!

            We’ve worked out the details for what the contents of this week’s share will be. I’ve also written out a few quick dinner ideas at the bottom of the email, if you’re feeling uninspired in the kitchen, or if you haven’t seen some of this stuff very often! Before I get to the list though, I wanted to remind everyone to use your credits! Almost everyone has credits on their account from putting their share on hold for a week this summer, and those credits can be used to add all kinds of different goodies to your boxes. Just log in to your farmigo account, and visit our web store, where you will be able to view your available credits. As you add items to your box, farmigo will automatically deduct the price from your available credits. Thanks! Let us know if you have any questions or problems getting into the store.

            Now, without further delay, here is the list of what you will be receiving:

All Shares (Full Shares and Vegetables Only)

Corn from Wood’s Market Garden

Blueberries from Hillside Farm

Green Beans from Screamin’ Ridge Farm

Bell Peppers from Screamin’ Ridge Farm

Japanese Eggplant from Screamin’ Ridge Farm

Tomatoes from Screamin’ Ridge Farm

Striped Summer Squash from Screamin’ Ridge Farm

Garlic from Screamin’ Ridge Farm

Head Lettuce from Kettle Song Farm

Kale from Screamin’ Ridge Farm

Full Shares Only


      Bread from Red Hen Baking Company

     Gazpacho from Joe’s Kitchen at Screamin’ Ridge Farm


Dinner Ideas

Similar to last week, this week’s share is kind of a mish-mash of all our (and hopefully your) favorite summer veggies. This makes it a little more difficult to give the share a particular theme filled with recipes, but we figured that many of you will be enjoying the vegetables natural flavors, and won’t miss any fancy seasoning.

That being said, we do have a few quick suggestions, if you feel like making something a little different this week. I typed them out below!


Schezuan Eggplant and Green Beans

            This dish tastes like it would be hard to make, but is actually pretty quick and very easy. Not to mention tasty! First, slice up the eggplant into flat, thin, pieces. Dice some garlic, and throw them in a pan together with a bit of olive oil. While letting the eggplant cook, chop up you green beans, ginger, and a bit more garlic. If you like cilantro, that tastes pretty good in there as well (but definitely add it last).

            Once the eggplant is browned nicely, and getting kind of squishy, take the pan off of the heat and set the eggplant aside for a moment. In a pan with a little more olive oil, throw in your other vegetables, along with some soy sauce (about 2 tablespoons), a little bit (maybe a teaspoon) of rice wine vinegar, about a half teaspoon of brown sugar, and a little bit of chili pepper (or hot sauce). Stir this together until it’s pretty much done, and then add the eggplant back into the pan. If you have any lemons or lime, a little bit of juice from them would help to bring out some of the flavors. Sprinkle about a teaspoon of cornstarch in there to thicken it, and voila! Tasty vegetables, delicious over rice or pasta.


Kale and Corn Salad

            Though we love our corn on the cob, it can definitely get a little boring. This week we tried taking the husks off of the corn, and throwing it on the grill to brown it nicely. Then chop up the kale into thin ribbons, and chop up a little bit of pecans (or any other nut you like, really), a bell pepper, and some garlic. Set the garlic aside, and toss the rest together. I think it would have been good with a bit of sweet onion or scallion, but we didn’t have any around when making the salad and it still tasted delicious.

            For the dressing, mix together some olive oil (maybe about a half a cup), a bit of balsamic vinegar (probably about 1/3 as much of this as you use olive oil), a bit of salt and pepper, a tablespoon or so of lime juice, and, if you have any, a little fresh cilantro. Mix this together, and then pour it into the salad mixture. If you have any, a bit of goat cheese or feta would taste delicious on top. Or, if you like bacon, that would be tasty to sprinkle in there as well.


Blueberry Sauce

            Blueberries are delicious in pancakes, but we figured you might want to try something a little bit different—blueberry sauce! It’s probably even more delicious, and really easy to make (sidenote: it also tastes good on ice cream). For one pint of blueberries, use:

            1/8 cup water

            1/8 cup sugar

            2 Tablespoons lemon juice

            2 Tablespoons corn starch

            And maybe about a ½ teaspoon of vanilla. Throw everything except the corn starch in a bowl, and stir it on and off until it begins to simmer. Then, steadily stirring, slowly pour in the cornstarch. Let it cook for about five more minutes, or until it’s at the consistency you think looks good. Let it cool, or eat it warm!


            I hope that everyone has a wonderful Thursday, and please remember to keep in touch! We want to make sure that all of your CSA pickups go smoothly.


Olivia, Lori, & Joe